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“God Made Simple” is for anyone who has experienced loss and suffering or hoped to find meaning and purpose when things have fallen apart. It’s for those who question and wonder and hope to make sense of so much that seems to make no sense. This book does not require that the reader be a believer in anything other than the shared experience of being human. There is no dogma or religious axe to grind contained in its pages. This book does not seek to explain or define God. Whether you believe in God or not doesn't even matter. I'm not wishing to convince you of anything of the sort. That's your journey and for you to discover. Too much trouble has already occurred because so many have been so certain about God. What this book does is tell some of my story and what has been helpful to me. My hope is that it can be of help in your own journey through this life and to perhaps help you to see things in new ways and then, maybe, let go of old beliefs that do not serve you well. Ultimately my hope is that this book might help ease some of the emotional and spiritual suffering I have encountered in my work as a hospice chaplain and continue to see in the world.

“Once you start this book, you will have a difficult time putting it down, and you will leave feeling better about yourself, your true purpose, and about life.”
-Rev. G. J. Little,

“…So direct and simple, smacking here and there of Studs Terkel, Carl Sandberg, Joseph Campbell, and Thomas Merton. Quite a load of wisdom from so slim a volume.”
-Joseph Pelkey, Berkshire Theater Festival, Emeritus Advisory Council

"A great source for clearer understanding. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to go within and ask themselves 'What am I suppose to do with my Life?’ ”
-Rev.Brenda Casavoy, Hospice Chaplain

“Down to earth, engaging and inspiring - there is a deep beauty surrounding his warm message.”
-Dave Goetz, Musician, Tin-Knocker

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